NAVSEA Certified, Specialty Welding, Fabrication and Key Shipyard Services

Welcome to JAG Welding, Fab & Services

JAG Welding, Fab & Services (JAG WFS) is a NAVSEA certified specialty welding and fabrication company based in Seattle, Washington and rapidly mobilized to shipyard locations nationwide.  We provide key shipyard services for large commercial, Navy and other government shipbuilding and marine repair projects. 

JAG WFS is a member of the JAG Marine Group family of marine services companies.  We expand the impact of JAG’s mission to provide a superior customer service by efficiently delivering the highest quality, direct-to-customer specialty welding and fabrication services.

JAG Welding, Fab & Services: Next Generation JAG

JAG Welding, Fab & Services is the Next Generation of the JAG Marine Group family of marine and industrial services companies.  We are advancing JAG’s mission and legacy of excellence in shipbuilding and marine service by providing NAVSEA certified specialty welding, fabrication and other key shipyard services directly to our shipyard customers.  As a direct services provider, JAG WFS has a greater capacity to monitor and control productivity and output of our crews, maximizing our opportunity to deliver on our mission to provide a superior customer experience along with enhanced quality and efficiency.

Specialty Shipyard Services

⚓  Structural Welding

⚓ Ship Fitting

⚓ Electrical Support

⚓ Pre-Fabrication

⚓ 009-09 PCP Development:

  • Structural

  • Pipe

  • Machinery

JAG Welding Fab & Services, Inc. is enrolled in the Simplified Acquisition Program of US Federal Contractor Registration(USFCR).  Visit our federal verification site by clicking here.

USFCR Verified Vendor
USFCR Simplified Acquisition Program

The JAG Industrial and Marine Services Legacy

JAG Industrial and Marine Services is the primogenitor of the JAG Marine Group family of marine and industrial services companies.  JAG is one of the fastest growing shipbuilding and marine repair company’s in the United States.  Built by marine tradesmen with over a 150 years of combined experience in marine repair, shipbuilding and industrial manufacturing service, JAG has been supporting shipyard projects from the Great Lakes, to US river ports and coastal shipyards for more than a decade.

In 2018, JAG affiliate, JAG Alaska Inc., Seward Shipyard took over stewardship and operation of the 11-acre shipyard facility in Seward, Alaska and proudly serving the rich and diverse culture of Alaska’s maritime fleets including Commercial and Privately Owned Fishing Vessels, Commercial Shipping, Alaska’s Ferry system, Oils and Gas Industry Support Vessels, Private Commercial fleets, and US Navy and US Coast Guard vessels in the region.




Your project is important and you deserve the quality, efficiency and highly competitive rates JAG WFS can offer you. We are committed to our mission to provide a superior customer experience. Click here to contact us now for information about our services or to get a free quote.



JAG WFS is continually recruiting the best talent in specialty and marine welding, fabrication and other key shipyard services. Check out our JOBS listings by clicking here or visit our  Company page on for immediate hire opportunities.