Marine Fabrication and Specialty Shipyard Services

Metal Fabrication Navy Ships

JAG Welding, Fab & Services (JAG WFS) provides marine fabrication and other key shipyard services.  Our high precision services support large shipyard projects including:

Fabrication for Naval shipbuilding and repair;

Other Government shipbuilding and repair projects and;

Large Commercial shipbuilding and marine repair projects.

Our experienced, highly skilled and NAVSEA certified crews prepare, fabricate and assemble a wide range of structural components for Navy ships, submarines and commercial vessels.  Based in Seattle, Washington our crews provide direct marine fabrication services to shipyards here in the Northwest and are rapidly mobilized to shipyards throughout the United States.

Navy and Commercial Marine Fabrication Services

⚓ Pre-Fabrication for Navy Projects

⚓ Phase II CG Program

⚓ Phase III CG Program

⚓ Metal Forming

⚓ Plate Rolling

⚓ Press Forming & Braking

Specialty Alloy Welding*

⚓ Tube Rolling

*Specialty Alloy Welding Certifications






⚓ HY-100 FCAW

⚓ GMAW 5xxx

⚓ 5xxx & 6xxx Series Aluminum

Marine Fabrication for Navy, Government and Large Commercial Projects at JAG Welding, Fab & Services

Marine Fabrication is a key service for our shipyard clients for both Navy and commercial shipbuilding and marine repair projects.  JAG WFS meets customer and project needs by providing a significant range of marine fabrication services including:

  • Tube Rolling,
  • Metal Forming,
  • Plate Rolling,
  • Press Forming and Braking,
  • Specialty Alloy Welding & other processes.

Additionally, we are skilled in Pre-Fabrication for Navy projects including Phase II and Phase III CG Program.

Marine Fabrication, Specialty Fabrication certifying bodies, AWS, ABS,

These processes require adherence to exacting technical standards, including NAVSEA standards (for Navy welding and fabrication); and other regulating bodies including ABS, AWS and ASNT.  At JAG WFS, our crews have both the mandatory skill and certification to ensure rigorous quality standards are met or exceeded.

Other Specialty Shipyard Services

In order to more fully support the needs of our shipyard customers we provide a range of key specialty shipyard services that in addition to our welding and fabrication capabilities.

Mechanical and Electrical Support Services for Shipyards

To meet the the widest possible range of needs for large commercial shipbuilding and marine repair projects, Navy projects and other government marine services projects, JAG WFS provides our shipyard customers key specialty shipyard services including Mechanical and Electrical support services.

PCP Development (including NAVSEA 009-09 & JFMM requirements)

We also provide PCP Development for structural, pipe and machinery, writing technical work documents to governments standards such as process control procedures (NAVSEA 009-09) and Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM) requirements.

Project Management Support for Navy Projects and Large Commercial Shipbuilding & Marine Repair

JAG WFS provides advanced support for project management to our shipyard customers.  Our executive and operational leadership represents more than 150 years of experience in shipyard services and serve as a valuable resource for our customers and our project managers are available to support the needs of both Navy and commercial projects.

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