NAVSEA Specialty Welding / Specialty Alloy Welding

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NAVSEA Specialty Welding

At JAG Welding, Fab & Services (JAG WFS),  we provide NAVSEA Specialty Welding and fabrication for Navy shipbuilding and naval ship and submarine repair projects as well as other government shipbuilding and marine repair projects. Our NAVSEA certified welders are proficient in DM 10-623b and MIL-STD 1689A manuals.

Specialty Alloy Welding for Large Commercial Shipbuilding and Marine Repair

Our extensively skilled and experienced crews also provide specialty alloy welding for large commercial shipbuilding and marine repair projects. Such projects include cruise ships, shipping vessels, oil and gas vessels among others.  Based in  Seattle, Washington, JAG WFS crews of highly skilled and experienced specialty welders are rapidly mobilized to shipyards nationwide.

Specialty Welding Processes, Certifications and Standards






⚓ HY-100 FCAW


⚓ Silver Braze

⚓ All 6xxx Series Aluminum Certifications

⚓ All 5xxx Series Aluminum Certifications

DM 10-623b Manual

MIL-STD 1689A Manuals

Specialty Alloy Welding

Specialty alloy welding procedures are vital to the shipbuilding industry.  These advanced welding skillsets are essential for our shipyard customers to meet the scope and quality required for large commercial, Navy and other government shipbuilding and marine repair projects.

At JAG Welding, Fab & Services, we support the advancement of these exacting shipbuilding and marine repair projects with an emphasis on superior skills, quality and efficiency.  We actively recruit the most extensively trained and certified, exceptionally skilled and experienced welders in the industry.

Specialty Welding Processes

Our welders are certified in multiple processes including Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW 5xxx), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW CuNi, GTAW CRES, GTAW CUNI, GTAW CFE, GTAW ALUM, GTAW INCO 625), High Yield Steel (HY-100), Silver Braze, 5xxx Series Aluminum Welding, and 6xxx Series Aluminum Welding.


NAVSEA, Naval Sea Systems Command, is responsible for the development and maintenance of the United States Naval Fleet of ships.  NAVSEA channels billions of dollars annually, employs over 80,000 people and is responsible for developing the technical standards by which all Navy marine repair and shipbuilding projects must adhere to.

NAVSEA Standards

JAG Welding, FAB and Services welders are certified to NAVSEA standards and proficient in DM 10-623b and MIL-STD 1689A manuals.

Quality Assurance

Quality is never a secondary priority. Our specialty welders are rigorously trained and tested to ensure they unfailingly demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to meet the demanding requirements set forth by NAVSEA for Navy welding and fabrication as well as other industry standards for welding.  Our work is inspected to exacting standards to validate the quality of our procedures and craftsmanship.



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